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No professional logo design experience required. Fast create distinctive logos based on editable logo templates, easy color-matching, one-click cool effects, abundant built-in vector resources, personalized output formats...

User Testimonials

"Sothink ……an awesome company with awesome products. This can be used for many different things other than just to create an icon. This is good software-a no passer in my book,grab it while you can."

--- loco_NUTT

"Installed and activated fine (Win 7 HP). I was quickly about the crank out a logo for my real estate biz using a template that features 'mirrored' text. Looks like a good program for small internet businesses, or anyone who wants a nice looking logo quick and easy."
--- shegeek72

"I am a fan of SoThink. They never let me down. I've installed GAOTD versions of 2 others of their software and purchased them afterward because of their high quality.
I installed this one and am impressed. Ashraf lists some useful Cons in his review, as always, and I have no experience with his free alternative (Greenbox), but SoThink’s logo maker is much more than I expected.
Thank you SoThink for your constant attention to quality. And thank you GAOTD for your good relationship with Sothink."
--- Nebulous

"Now THIS is a GREAT giveaway!
Installed perfectly. No probs at all.
I’ve only done a cursory test of the program, but from what I’ve seen so far….it is much better than what I expected.I did notice that dragging images via cursor – once in the editor window – didn’t work for me. The image can be moved with the arrow keys though so it’s all good.
I use Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit with all of the latest updates.
Gotta go & play with this new program :D
Thanks SoThink & GAOTD!!!"
--- MrPotion

"There's a good set of alignment functions – I particularly like the dotted lines that appear to indicate that the piece you’re moving is aligned with the side, top/bottom, or center (a cross) of the piece it’s on top of."
--- jjmcgaffey

"I had tried Sothink Logo Maker 1.0 and i think it’s a pretty good program for personal logo design, such as blogger signature,website button,icon, but it’s not appropriate for company logo, business logo."
--- Emily

"This is a great program for non techie people like myself. just exploring a bit, i made myself a nice, new avatar in a couple of minutes. easy to use and understand. installed easily on Win 7, 32 bit. thanks Sothink and GOTD."
--- townie2

"I just downloaded it and installed on my PC. Would love to play with it and generate some cool logos for my all blogs(updated ones)."
--- Yogesh

"This is really great.
I have used SoThink products in the past, and they are great. I do have firm confidence that this too is awesome.
Thanks SoThink"
--- RDB

"This is a cool logo maker."
--- Thex

"I have many of SoThink's product range. True quality."
--- Faye Davies

"Thanks guys! What a fun program. It works great."
--- Kathy

"I love it. thanks gotd and sothink."
--- john