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No professional logo design experience required. Fast create distinctive logos based on editable logo templates, easy color-matching, one-click cool effects, abundant built-in vector resources, personalized output formats...

How to create awesome company logo with Logo Maker?

The company logo is very important for symbolizing the philosophy and objective of your company. The logo should be thoughtfully designed and capable of communicating specific values and ideals in an instant. A successful company logo can brand your product or business in a much better way.
See the following brilliant company logos:

Company Logo SampleCompany Logo SampleCompany Logo Sample

Adopt a Custom Logo Creator to DIY Your Company Logo

Many people may choose to hire a professional logo designer to get the company logo, but as you know, hiring a logo designer requires an investment. Talented logo designers would cost money, not all business can afford a professional logo design service. Moreover, not only will you have to invest money for design services, you will also need to spend time in the logo design process. Furthermore, we also provide you with advanced logo designing software for your option.

Therefore, finding a great custom logo creator to DIY company logo is so popular now. It not only saves your money and time, but also brings you great satisfaction and fun. Sothink Logo Maker is a good choice which requires no graphics design experience.

How to Make a Company Logo by Sothink Logo Maker?

Sothink Logo Maker is the perfect solution for DIY your company logo, all the resources you needed in logo design are well prepared so that you can complete an excellent logo in just only 5 minutes.

Step 1: Select a preferred company logo template.

Step 2: Edit logo image and input your company name.

Step 3: Set logo image & text styles.

Step 4: Export your company logo to JPG, PNG or BMP format as needed.