Sothink Logo Maker
Easy and Fast Logo Creation

No professional logo design experience required. Fast create distinctive logos based on editable logo templates, easy color-matching, one-click cool effects, abundant built-in vector resources, personalized output formats...

Sothink Logo Maker FAQs

1) Can I import image to Sothink Logo Maker?

2) How to get SWF resources for logo creation?

3) How to search resources from the resource library?

4) How to export the logo you designed?

5) How to create logos in a quick way?

6) Which resources are available during the logo creation?

7) Are there any effects to apply for image objects and text objects?

8) How to choose multiple objects on the canvas?

9) Why pop up the message "The font *** doesn't exist" when creating logo from template?

10) I do the "Send Backward" but do not get the desired result, why?