Purchase Logos
First, please register an account by clicking “Customer Register”. Input username email and password to register an account.
You can view the “Best Selling Logos” or our “Featured Logos”. You also can view by categories. Browse and choose a logo and add to cart.
Then view cart and check out. Now you need to fill in the billing details.
The payment method is Paypal ONLY. So when you click “Proceed to PayPal”, you will be guided to PayPal website and login to finish the payment. Once you finish the payment, come back to your account and you will see your order list. Click “View” button and now you can download the logo resources you purchase.

Sell Logos
1 Method One:
The easiest way is to send your logo images to marketing@sothink.com. The logo image’s size is 500*406 pixels.
Our master will create an account for you and display your logs on web site. The account information will be sent to you when the logo is published and please change your password ASAP.

2 Method Two:
Please follow three steps to create your own account and manage your logos.
Step 1 – Register an account
Click “Customer Registration” as displayed following:
Entering “Customer Registration”.
Input username, email and password and click “Register” to create an account and pass to Account page.

Step 2 – Upgrade the account to vendor
Stay in Account page or login with above account. Click “Become a Seller” on the menu.
And enter page to register as Vendor
Input vender name and description. Click “Register” and waiting for permission. (Normally it will take 8-12 hours to pass the permission in business day.)

Step 3 – Add Logo to shop
Now we can start trip of earning money.
Login your account, you will find the menu changes to “Vendor Admin”. Click on it.
Then go to Media
Click “Add New”
Drag or select logo images to upload.

Switch to “My Logos — Add Logo”
You will see following page:
Set logo name, image, description, price and upload logo resource files (*.ai, *.psd, etc.)

Then go to right panel:
Choose a category and submit the logo for team’s review.

Step 4 – Get paid
All payment will be arranged through Paypal. So input your correct Paypal account in “Store Settings”
You logo will be displayed in Recent Logos and viewed by all visitors.
Now the only thing you need to do is waiting for payment!

What’s Media?
It is more like a library. What you uploaded will be stored in it for your later use when adding/editing logo.

Add Logo
Before add logo, it’s better to upload the logo images and resources to “Media”— “library”.
Click on “Media”— “library” to go to the library page. Here click “Add New” and select files from your computer and click “Open”. This file will be uploaded to web site. Choose all your logo images and resources and upload them. You can choose multiple files to upload at one time.

Then in the “Vendor Admin” panel, you can see “My logos” and it pops up “Logos” and “Add Logo”. Click “Add Logo” and switch to Add New Logo page.
Firstly, give a good name to your logo. Then click Set logo image (This is to set the main logo image displayed on page). Then it will open the medial library. Select one image and click “Set logo image”. You can continue to add more images to display your logo by clicking “Add logo gallery images” and add images.

Next, input the logo description.
The most important part — give your logo a price and set the resources file. Input the price in US dollars. Click “Add File” – “Choose file” and select the resource file in the Media and click “Insert file URL” . Repeat the steps above if you add more resources.
Last, look at right side to set a logo category, Find the button “Submit for Review” and click it. So the logo is submitted and will be reviewed by our team.

Edit Logo
Click “My logos” – “Logos” to list all your logos. Move on the logo you want to modify and choose “Edit” in the pops up. Then switch to the edit page that is the same as ”Add logo” page.

How to get paid?
We pay customers through PayPal. Please set the PayPal email in “Store Settings”. This is very important to assure you can receive the payment.