Buying Questions
What payment methods can I use?
A: You can securely make any payments through PayPal.

How will I receive the logo files once I buy the brand?
A: Once your transaction is complete, when you login your account you can see your Recent Order list. And click view to the page where the files are stored. You can download them at that point or later by viewing your Transaction History.

How long does it take to receive the design files?
A: It depends on the Paypal. Once your payment is complete, you can view the files when you login your account.

Can I save brands for viewing later?
A: Surly you can. Please add logos that you want to view later to your Favorites. To add an item to your favorites just click on the “Add to Favorites” link below the design.

Can I customize logos from the website?
A: Yes. The design may be not exactly match your requirements. After download the resource file, you can edit the logo by yourself to meet your needs.

Why aren’t there standard prices for logos?
A: Each design is unique. We allow designers to set their own prices, which means that prices will vary between logos.

Selling Questions
How can I sell logos?
A: You need to register a vender account firstly after you become a member. First, login your account and click “Become a Seller”. Fill in the information and click “Register”. Then when your account is verified, you will become a vendor and start selling.

How can I admin my vendor account?
A: Login and click “Vendor Admin”. Then you can see the admin page for vendors.

What type of file should I upload for my logo’s display image?
A: JPEG or PNG files, sized at 320 x 260 pixels, 72 dpi.

What type of source file should I upload with my logo?
A: We require your source files to be editable vector files (*.ai or *.eps) – all other file formats are optional. In addition to *.AI and *.EPS, you can upload *.PSD, *.CDR, *.PDF, *.TIFF, *.PNG, *.JPEG, *.GIF, *.WMF, and *.BMP files. Your source files must match the JPEG or PNG display image.

How will I be paid the money I have earned from my sale?
A: Payments can be received by PayPal. To receive payment through PayPal, you must enter your account details on the “Store Settings” page. It is your responsibility to ensure your own payment details are kept up to date and accurate in your account.

Is there another way to get paid if I don’t have a PayPal account?
A: Sorry, Paypal is the only supported payment method currently.

Will any design I upload be automatically accepted?
A: No. All designs are reviewed individually by our Design Team and assessed for their quality, originality and marketability. As a premium marketplace for ready-made designs we don’t expect to offer posting for all logos. Where a design is rejected we will send you an email providing the basis for our decision. For further guidance on what we are looking for, we encourage you to take a look at some of popular and featured logos.

What’s the commission?
A: It’s 30%.