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Tips to Get an Inexpensive Logo for Your Business

A good logo is imperative for your business.  It is difficult to brand your business without a unique and memorable logo.  In most cases, companies would have a budget for designing a logo for their brand. Would you like to deisgn an attractive logo for your business or company with less money? Now you can stop and follow the tips below.

A. Hire a Freelancer Logo Designer

This may be the best of all worlds when it comes to logo design. There are many freelancing websites or companies that help connect you to a freelance logo designer at negotiated rates to produce a cheap logo design. Because they are freelancers, they may offer you a discounted price on a customized logo design. However, this requires you to communicate with the freelancer frequently, which may take much time.

B. From a Template Logo

It's a good choice to use a template logo and insert your own company name. This is definitely the fastest and cheapest way of designing a logo. You may find many different template logos available online and you can have your logo ready in just minutes based on the template logos. Nevertheless, this way has a drawback that the logo created from a template may easily bump against others which lacks of creativity to some degree.

C. Do It Yourself

If you have a little art background and experience, then you can buy your own logo design software to create inexpensive logos at home. It is the most convenient way i think to design logo for your business. However, this way may be a little difficult for those people who do not have any Photoshop skills and experiences. As we all known, learning Photoshop is not an easy stuff and the software is a little expensive, too.

Here, we recommend a practical logo design software--Sothink Logo Maker for you to DIY a logo for your business. You may download the 30-day free trial version to experience it yourself.

With this software, you can get a nice logo at affordable price ($35 only). The program offers 190+ templates, 600+ color schemes (each scheme includes one main color and three assorted colors), ready-to-use effects and rich logo graphic resources, which can help you design a professional logo. You can also save the logo to an editable project file and edit it anytime you feel necessary. In addition, you can export the logo to various format for easy appliance on letterhead, website, T-shirt, etc.

How to design an inexpensive logo by Sothink Logo Maker?

In the following guide, I will show you how to design an inexpensive but professional logo as below for a jewelry company in minutes.

final inexpensive logo
Step 1: Choose a Template

Launch the program and a "New From Template" window will pop up. Select a prefered one for your own logo designing.

inexpensive logo template

Step 2: Edit text
Replace the text and change the text font in the logo template as you wish. And then make some necessary changes on the layout.
change text font
Step 3: Import Image
import image

Step 4: Change Text Color and Add Text Effect
add text effect

Step 5: Export the logo to JPG, PNG or BMP format as needed.
final inexpensive logo

You are done now! How easy it is to design an inexpensive logo for your own business!