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How to Preview Different Color Schemes on the Same Canvas?

When designing your logo, do you feel hard to pick up the most suitable color scheme for the logo from several backup plans? Do you feel exhausted by keeping switching between two or more programs windows to compare one color scheme with another?

Now, with Sothink Logo Maker, you will be able to put multiple logos with different color schemes into only one canvas alone and choose the best fit scheme in a quick glance. Let’s see how this tip works:


Step 1

After finishing logo style, re-define canvas big enough to contain several copies of logo;

Logo Maker - Change Canvas Size


Step 2

Press “Ctrl+A” to highlight logo as a whole and right click on the logo to choose Group;

Logo Maker - Group Logo Elements


With the whole logo highlighted, press “Ctrl+C” to make a copy, press “Ctrl+V” to paste it on canvas; And you could make different copies upon your own request. Finally, you can drag to separate each other:

Logo Maker - Copy and Paste Multi-copies


Step 3

Ungroup each of the copies one by one manually;

Logo Maker - Ungroup Logo Elements


Now you can fill each copy of the logo design with your favorite color schemes:

Logo Maker - Color Each Copy


Repeat the same process for all the copies shown on canvas. Therefore, you can easily compare and find the best color solution:

Logo Maker - Compare to Find Best Design


At last, here comes the moment for your final decision!

Is it quite simple for design your logo? Please download Sothink Logo Maker to experience it on your own!