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How to Make a Professional Dental Logo Design?

The dental industry is a medical field which is feared by patients because of the human nature. So to design an inviting and elegant logo is a good choice to ease people's fear to the dental clinic. See the following amazing dental logo designs for some inspiration:

The following are two tips we provide with you through which you can get some inspiration to design your own professional dental logo.

Select Color

Colors trigger most memory in the brain, therefore colors with significant references are usually best. Green is an important color in the dental industry because a dark green or even blue often bring some professionalism to a logo. They are soft and comfortable which can leave a person at ease.

Select Text Font

For a dental logo, you'd better use some classic fonts, such as Calibri, Times New Roman, Corsiva, Tahoma, etc. which can give a more professional impression. A timeless and classic dental logo will lend credibility to any practice.

In the following article, I will guide you how to design a professional logo for a family dental clinic with Sothink Logo Maker. The advanced dental logo design maker is also available!

Step 1: Choose a Template

Launch the program and a "New From Template" window will pop up. Select a preferred template for your own dental logo designing. For example, we choose one from the "Organizations" tab:

dental logo design-template
Step 2: Replace Graphic

Sothink Logo Maker offers rich graphic resources which are divided into 17 categories. You can search by category or directly inputting keyword to quickly find the desired resource. Just to illustrate, we'd like to design a logo for a family dental clinic now, we can browse the "people" category to find a suitable one.

dental logo design-replace graphic
Step 3: Change Text

Double click the text element, you can edit the text in the box as you wish. Then you can make a little adjustment to the size of the graphic image and the place of the text, which can make the logo look more harmonious.

dental logo design-change text
Step 4: Add Effect

Click the text element you want to add effect, the effect panel will be activated. Mouse over any effect button to preview the effect. Then click a preferred one to apply it to the text object.

dental logo design-add effect
Step 5: Export the Logo as PNG, JPG, or Tiff format as needed.
final dental logo design-