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How to Make a Memorable Clothing Company Logo in Minutes?

Clothing company logos are logos used in the apparel feild. A professional and memorable clothing logo design can leave a deep impression on the customers. Have a look on some of the big brand identities ruling in the world of garments industry and you will get to know how important it is to draw a corporate identity which speaks on the behalf of your organization.

See the following amazing clothing company logo samples:
clothing company logo samples

Salient features of a clothing company logo:

Color Scheme
The color scheme is the most important part of graphic designing because every color has a meaning which should be intelligently incorporated in this small graphical representation. Therefore, the color selection should be in accordance with the nature of the business. For example, you can select black which depicts decency and elegancy, while red and pink could be used to depict a women fashion brand.

Any kind of fonts can be used in a clothing company logo as long as it is complimenting the overall concept and the idea of a business. Most of the time, stylish and upbeat fonts are preferred for women fashion brand identity.

Graphics also plays an important role in a clothing logo design. An abstract image is suggested in most of time.

In the following article, I will teach you how to design a beautiful logo for a clothing company for girls with Sothink Logo Maker in minutes. The advanced company logo design maker is also available!
For example:clothing company logo

Step 1: Choose Template

Launch the program and a "New From Template" window will pop up. There are 270+ editable templates which are divided into 6 categories available for you. Select a suitable template for your own logo designing. For example, we choose one from the "Fashion" tab:

clothing company logo template

Step 2: Replace Graphic Resource

Sothink Logo Maker offers 3,800+ built-in graphic resources on the "Resources" panel, which are divided into 33 categories. You can directly search the desired resource by category or input the keyword to search. Just click the graphic in the template and mouse over one preferred resource on the "Resource" panel, you can instantly preview the effect. Then click to replace the one in the template.

clothing company logo-replace graphic

Step 3: Edit Text

Double click the text element, you can edit the text in the box as you wish. clothing company logo-edit text

Step 4: Change Text Font

Click the text element in the logo on the canvas, the toolbar above will be activated. You can change the text font, text size and style as you wish. As it is a clothing company logo for girls, the text style should look more lively. Then you can make a little adjustment to the size of the graphic image and the place of the text, which can make the logo look more harmonious.

clothing company logo-change text font

Step 5: Add Effect

Click the element in the logo, the effect panel on the left of the program will be activated. Mouse over the button,you will find several pre-set effects from the pop-up menu. Mouse over them to instantly preview the effect, then click to apply it to your element.

clothing company logo-add effect

Step 6: Export the Logo as PNG, JPG, or Tiff format as needed.
final clothing company logo