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Tips to Make Address Labels with Logo in Minutes

A good logo is of great importance to a company which symbolizes the culture and spirit of your enterprise. Consequently, it is a right choice to print your company's logo on the official address labels of your company. This can leave a more professional impression to your customers and cooperators. So how to design a professional logo and how to print the logo created? Just follow this article, you are sure to know the ways to realize this.

How to design a professional logo in minutes?

Requested Tool: Sothink Logo Maker. This program offers 190+ templates, 600+ color schemes (each scheme includes one main color and three assorted colors), ready-to-use effects and rich logo graphic resources, which can help even novice design a professional logo with easy steps.

Step 1: Choose a Template

Launch the program and a "New From Template" window will pop up. Select a prefered one for your own logo designing.

template logo

Step 2: Edit Text
edit text

Step 3: Change Text Font
change text font

Step 4: Change Object Color
change object color

Step 5: Add Effect
add effect

Step 6: Export the Logo as PNG, JPG, or Tiff format according to your requirement.
final logo

Print the Logo on Address Labels

After finishing the logo designing, you can add the logo image created to your prepared address label, for example:address label

Then you can make some adjustments, such as the size, place, etc.

address label with logo

As long as your PC is connected to a printing equipment, you can click the "Print" command to print the address label with logo for your specific usage.